Reusable or Disposable - make your choice  

In principle any convenient packaging container can be used, as the Nitro-Dispenser has a self-priming membrane pump. Every packaging concept has its pros and cons.

Reuseable container
+ Useful when timely and close consumed. e.g. in the own bar or at events
+ No packaging waste
+ Easy to clean
- Not suitable for distribution to customers
- Durability is only 2-3 days (extendable through usage of nitrogen to about 2 weeks)

Disposeable Bag-In-Box bags 
+ Easy distribution to customers (also parcel service)
+ Long shelf life
With filter basket preparation: about 2 weeks With aseptic filling: 12 months before und 3 weeks after start of dispense
+ Hygienic Clean-Click spout solution for bag connection without re-infection by product backflow
+ High recycling part of waste (cardboard)
+ No peak time container problems (bottleneck)
- Packaging waste through the bag
- Weak temperature isolation

Feel free to ask us, we will advise you which solution fits best for your needs.
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