Professional Solution

Manual with filter basket

This solution is based on a 60l stainless steel barrel with outflow tap and a stainless steel filter basket with a 30 micron filter wire which can be inserted into the barrel.
This system is practical and enables efficient workflow. 
  • Water and ground coffee are mixed together here.
  • Cold extraction over 16-24 hours 
  • Fill the coffe in your container
If you want to pre-produce for several days or weeks, the finished Cold Brew coffee
can be filled into our 14l bag-in-box bags. By keeping away the air your
Cold Brew coffee can be stored for several weeks at cold storage conditions.

Aseptic bag-in-box filling
Through the cooperation with a professional bag-in-box-packer, we can offer full aseptic filling service for YOUR coffee. This offer is available for production batches of minimum 5.000l and includes cold extraction, filtration and bag filling.